Sculptra® is a dermal filler that gradually improves your appearance after the first treatment. Although you may not see the results right away, those who suffer from diminished skin elasticity and volume (resulting from a reduction in collagen production) may be able to enjoy the benefits for up to two years as Sculptra® slowly rejuvenates the skin’s structure during the treatment.
At Ella Esthetics, we commonly use Sculptra® to rejuvenate the skin, frame the face, and enhance the Butt and Hips. One of the greatest benefits of Sculptra® is the long-lasting results it provides. As a result of its thick texture, it often lasts longer than other dermal fillers.
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Silhouette Instalift is a novel dual-action cosmetic rejuvenation suspension device for minimally invasive face elevation to pull/lift skin back. Sutures are made of Poly-L lactic acid (same as Sculptra), so skin rejuvenation is improved over the following months as well. Sutures will last 18+ months, but the direct collagen stimulation created is yours to keep for much longer! An excellent option for those who are not ready for a face or neck lift. Price is per area (mid-face + jaw is 2 areas).


Cellulite, Crepe Skin, Lipo irregularities, and more. For skin rejuvenation, it is used to treat crepe skin, cellulite areas, or post-cosmetic concerns such as liposuction irregularities. Once a year, maintenance is needed to maintain results. After the treatment, it takes 45-90 days to see the full results.


Face rejuvenation with Sculptra®. Sculptra® is an injectable product used for restoring facial volume in people who have lost volume due to aging or illness. It contains Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which stimulates collagen production. It can treat deep lines, creases, and folds to give a more youthful appearance. It will last up to 2 years, but one treatment once a year is important for maintenance. It takes 45-90 days to see the full results after the treatment.


Sculptra® BBL is a procedure that helps the butt appear fuller without surgery. After the treatment, it takes 45-90 days to see the full results. Two to three sessions are needed, spaced eight weeks apart.


Target treatment for temple rejuvenation that offers temple rejuvenation for age related hallowing. It offers softer results, mild brow lifts on most patients, and improved skin texture to crows feet. Second treatment is needed usually within one year, then every 18-24 month maintenance. It’s a bio stimulator to produce its own collagen instead of placing a firm gel. No downtime, rare bruising occurs.


You may be a good candidate if you’re unhappy with wrinkles or fine lines around your mouth, eyes, or forehead. Additionally, Sculptra® can improve the volume of sagging areas without requiring surgery.
After Sculptra® injections, there is no downtime or recovery period. You may experience bruising, soreness, redness, or sensitivity after Sculptra® injections. After a few days, these side effects usually disappear. 
The amount of Sculptra® required at each treatment will be determined by your provider.
Depending on the patient, the results can last two years or longer.
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