Permanent fat destruction for stubborn spots such as “double chin,” bra fat, post-liposuction irregularities, and more. At Ella Esthetics, we use FDA-approved KYBELLA® and PCDC fat-dissolving injections to help you eliminate those stubborn areas that don’t seem to budge! The treatment is gentle since fat is gradually liquefied and eliminated by the body’s own processes. The fat is melted away evenly to produce a natural-looking result. The same chemical that breaks down your fat stimulates collagen production around the areas treated by injections.  


Priced per vial, consult included. The average vial use is 2-5 vials. Most patients will require 2+ sessions spaced 6-8 weeks apart.


*KYBELLA® qualifies for reward points under the Brilliant Distinctions app.


Ready to get rid of your stubborn fat? Please schedule your initial consultation with Ella Esthetics in Alexandria, VA, today to learn whether fat dissolving injections are right for you.


During an office visit, KYBELLA® or PCDC is injected into the treatment area. During each treatment session, we disinfect the skin, measure and mark out the treatment area, and inject a series of injections. Injections usually take between 15 and 20 minutes.

Fat Dissolving Injections might be right for you if you are bothered by fullness under your chin or other areas and you don’t want to undergo painful surgery. KYBELLA® or PCDC is ideal for people with small, localized subcutaneous fat deposits.

Results are permanent, and the fat cells are not expected to return once the desired contour is achieved.

For most patients, the recovery process for Fat Dissolving Injections is minimal. There may be soreness in the injection area for up to two hours following the procedure. Swelling or puffiness around the injection site is common.

Be sure to schedule a follow-up for 2-3 weeks after your appointment. 

  • Avoid touching the injected area, and only gently wash with your normal skin regimen. 
  • NO at-home exfoliators of any kind for 2 weeks, including heavy scrubs, electronic devices, or sponges.
  • Don’t apply anything to the area for a minimum of 4 hours following injections unless told to do so by your injector.
  • No bending over for the remainder of the day.
  • Swelling is NORMAL & will be the most dramatic the day following, & lessen each day after.
  • To assist with bruising/swelling, you may apply arnica oil, gel, or cream for a few days.
  • Sleep slightly elevated for 2 nights, avoiding direct pressure to the injected site(s).
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours.
  • No air travel for 48 hours.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise for 48 hours.
  • Any pain or tenderness may be relieved with acetaminophen (Tylenol) for the next few days.
  • Contact your injector immediately with increasing pain/tenderness, persistent redness/darkness, or severe swelling.
  • If you have emergency dental work after you’ve been injected, just call your injector prior to let them know.

**Lip Filler patients are STRONGLY encouraged to avoid any smoking or nicotine (vaping, hookah, etc.) 1-2 weeks prior and 1 week following.

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