Female Vaginal Rejuvenation

Female Vaginal Rejuvenation is an in-office procedure that utilizes PRP to provide vaginal rejuvenation for a variety of concerns. PRP stimulates cellular regeneration, cellular repair, and tissue repair by releasing growth factors and other proteins, which in turn activates stem cells. There is no cutting, no downtime, and minimal discomfort. The only restriction is no sexual intercourse the morning of or for four hours post-treatment.


To find out if you are a good candidate for Female Vaginal Rejuvenation, please schedule your initial consultation by contacting Ella Esthetics in Alexandria, VA, today. You may also book your appointment online for your convenience.


You might be a candidate for the Female Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure if you have a low sex drive, sexual problems, urinary incontinence, sexual problems, or any other common gynecological conditions.

The Female Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure reacts differently for each individual. Some patients claim to see results immediately. However, most patients have to wait about two weeks for the growth factors to fully activate, with the greatest benefit occurring after three to four months.

In general, O-Shot results last between 14 and 18 months. The procedure is usually repeated every 18 to 24 months by women.

No downtime is required following the Female Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure. Normal activities, including sexual activity, can be resumed immediately.

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