Cancellation Policy


If you order a product online you cannot cancel your order, but if you want something else instead, please refer to our refund policy above to see what your options are. However, we require deposits for any of our other services we offer and these deposits made are nonrefundable, but can be used for another service. (Deposits go towards the appointment schedules, unless it is canceled). Our cancellation policy is a 72 hour notice for all cancellations and may be subject to full charge of the booked service if it’s cancelled within the 72 hour time period. If you call within the 48 hours prior to your appointment we may be able to reschedule, but we prefer a notice of 72 hours as we have blocked off our schedule for the appointment requested, that another client could have taken in your place.

By booking, you authorize this business to charge your credit card up to 100% of the scheduled value should you miss your visit or cancel/reschedule within 72 hours or late arrival (after 15min). ALL deposits are non-refundable/non-transferable. All of our packages, auto-pays, and gift certificates are not transferable to other clients, and cannot be combined with other discounted offers. Also, we do not offer cash refunds for our packages, auto-pays, gift certificates or deposits, however we will honor an equal exchange (credit) for other services within our facilities.

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