Botox Treatments: Reasons Why It Is Not Just for Women

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The solution is injected into specific muscles of the face using a thin needle containing hyaluronic acid. There may be some tugging or pulling during the process, but that is normal.

Many patients often see an immediate “glow” to the skin, but results continue to improve for 6 months after treatment.

Fillers are a temporary solution. Depending on the product and location, results can last between 6 and 18 months.

The recovery time varies according to the type of filler used and how the patient handles it. Within 24 to 48 hours of filler injection, avoid any strenuous physical activity.

Due to its effectiveness in quickly reducing wrinkles, Botox has long been one of the most popular aesthetic procedures for women. However, women are not alone in entering that treatment as more men embrace such procedures to feel and look their best.

In this article, let’s see what Botox is and how men can benefit from it.

What is Botox?

Botox is a medication made from the bacterial toxin botulin that is used to treat some muscular problems and temporarily paralyze facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles.

Botox injections stop certain chemical nerve signals from causing muscles to contract. These injections are most frequently used to temporarily relax the facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead.

Botox for Both Men and Women

It makes sense that both men and women would start to feel self-conscious about how they look and decide to have Botox treatment. The notion that only women use Botox is quickly dissolving. 

Some men are still hesitant to get the therapy, even though Botox injections are more common than ever. More than 7.4 million operations were carried out in the US in 2018.

All skin types can benefit from Botox treatment. However, the best way to determine if it is appropriate for you is to ask your experienced medical professional for their advice.

Botox… or Brotox

Gender is not one of the many factors that influence the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines.  As people age, both men and women are susceptible to developing wrinkles and “smile lines.” These indicators of skin aging are annoying, at best, and most people look for ways to remedy them.

Botox injections are beneficial for all sexes, not just for women. Botox has surpassed all other male aesthetic procedures in popularity today. It is so well-liked that it even has its own internet nickname, “Brotox!”

Men can seem younger and more rested with Botox, which may increase or improve their self-confidence. In addition to receiving the treatment, more guys are also speaking out about it. Just because you are a man does not mean you have to hide your desire to get Botox, or, as the internet fondly calls it, Brotox!

Brotox Explained

As the name implies, Brotox is essentially male Botox. Like standard Botox treatments, Brotox refers to the injection of Botox for men’s facial wrinkles, such as the smoker’s lines around the mouth, horizontal forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

These wrinkles disappear after using Botox. There is typically little recovery time needed after these kinds of cosmetic operations.

Results from a Botox injection typically take approximately a week to become fully apparent and can continue for three to six months. Most people find that arranging routine visits and adequately spacing them out throughout the year is easy to balance with their already packed schedules because the process is quick and convenient.

How Does Botox Work

Botox injections are often done at a doctor’s office. Your facial muscles will be injected with botulinum toxin several times during the treatment.

The neurotoxin that can lead to botulism, a potentially fatal food poisoning, is the same as botulinum toxin. It is generally safe when administered by a skilled physician in modest, regulated doses.

The neurotoxin prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine after injection. The toxin prevents your nervous system’s message from telling your muscles to contract and instead instructs them to relax. When the muscles relax instead of contract, wrinkles appear less prominent.

Botox usually takes effect one to four days following the injection. Your doctor might advise avoiding exercise and alcohol for at least a day following the surgery if you experience minor bruises.

The full effects of Botox take one to two weeks to manifest. The results of Botox are temporary; within 3 to 4 months, wrinkles usually start to appear again. You’ll need to keep getting injections to keep your current appearance.

Is Botox Treatment Different for Men and Women?

Botox’s basic idea is to use botulinum toxin to alleviate facial wrinkles, regardless of the patient’s gender. Additionally, the treatment sections are frequently the same. However, there are still a few significant distinctions between the needs of men and women.

Men Require Higher Dosage of Botox

Men require a higher dosage of Botox. Women typically require 30 to 50 units of Botox for regular upper-face treatment. However, a higher dose—between 50 and 80 units—would be necessary for the same result in men.

Men have more muscle mass than women, which is why they need more doses.

The Differences in Facial Structures

Also, there’s variation in bone structure. Due to the differences in their skeletal architecture, men and women require varying Botox injection techniques.

Men and women may have similar facial features but may require injections in different parts of their faces. For instance, the “glabella” is the area of the face that most women wish to be treated. Contrarily, men seek Botox to repair frown lines or wrinkles at the outside corners of their eyes.

The other different thing between them is men like straight eyebrows, while women prefer arched eyebrows. Additionally, men’s brows are lower than women’s. Thus a different approach is needed when injecting males with Botox.

Unfortunately, untrained injectors utilize the same technique on every patient because they are unaware of the interplay between the muscles of the forehead and brow. But a professional injector knows precisely where to inject to preserve a man’s brow height and form.

Men, Get Your Botox Injections with Ella Esthetics

Botox is not just for women. It benefits both men and women. Men shouldn’t be ashamed of getting the benefits of Botox. 

Here at Ella Aesthetics, we are committed to providing you with the most thorough and personalized treatment regimens along with services that make you feel and look you’re very best. You can contact us at [email protected] for questions or concerns about Botox or other esthetic treatments.

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